Top 5 fathers day gifts for the dad that loves to travel.

Do we ever know what dad REALLY wants, unless he tells us?! Luckily for you, I have put together 5 gifts that I promise he doesn’t have, but will love! And, since i’m so nice, I included the links for you, just to make it that much easier!!

5) Now, first and foremost – I know it sounds absolutely crazy.. BUT….did you hear, fanny packs are making a comeback?! YEP! They sure are!!

FannyHere, I have an RFID blocking money belt. Dad can keep his credit cards, headphones, keys, phone, cash, passport and other essentials safe, clean and dry. The Simply4Travel’s travel pouch is a smartly designed travel wallet that will keep all of dad’s valuable items and documents protected during his travels whenever he goes running, hiking, cycling, fishing, camping and so on. Not only is it waterproof, but it is sweat proof and easily hidden underneath clothes.

Get yours here:

4) Dads on the go need power, especially if they want to keep mom happy and let her know where he is and that hes ok!! Our phones these days are smart, but they sure don’t last very long.

Here, we have the Solar Charger, 10000mAh Solar Power Bank Portable Battery Pack Cellphone Charger with 2 LED Flashlights, Solar Panel with Compass and Carabiner for IOS and Android Cellphones. Solar



Not only does this baby hold enough charge to recharge dads phone up to 3 times but it also has a compass, a strobe light with built in SOS feature and can be charged itself with it built in solar panels. It’s even small enough to fit in his back pocket! This is the perfect gift for the camping/hiking dad!!

Get yours here:

3) This right here is just awesome! You can keep dad entertains while keeping his head warm! While it may be a bit warm for it now, it will really come handy in the fall/winter seasons and dads SURE to thank you!!HAT

The WENDYWU Bluetooth Beanie Hat Wireless Men & Women Knit Winter Cap With Built- in Stereo Headphones and Earphones is available in Black, Blue, Gray and Maroon. Dad is going to love his stylish new hat so much, you’re going to be begging him to stop singing along to his fave tunes!!

2) Dad’s can be forgetful, and some are always on the go whether is be business travel or taking the family away for the weekend, or even going to the gym or a road trip. Here is an option to just grab and go when the time has come. Keeping the Green Venture Hanging Toiletry Bag For Men stocked gives dad the ease of grabbing the bag when he’s ready start packing. Toiletries

This bag can be hung from anything and holds everything he could need from a razor to his travel toothbrush and deodorant. There is even room for an extra pair of socks. You can never have too many socks! Keep a comb, bar of soap, shampoo, floss, shave cream, mouth wash, toothpaste and anything else he may need in one, convenient spot!

Get yours here:

2) Professional 10 in 1 Wild Emergency Survival EDC Kits (Black),Multi-Purpose Portable Waterproof Pocket Survival Gear Tools For Outdoor Camp Trave Hike or Adventure By SPNRO – Two Words: MUST HAVE!



There isn’t much to explain about this one – its awesome, its got everything he could need, its portable and its organized.

Get yours here:





1) And, the number one spot goes toooooooo (Drum roll please!)

None other than the Coca Cola CVF18 10-Can Capacity Portable Vending Fridge!  This gift is a bit more expensive than the others listed but lets be honest, dad would probably shit bricks if he got this one! Ask your siblings or even mom if they’d like to go in on the gift!


The fridge holds 10-12 cans (not included), cools up to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, offers a tall window display and uses minimal electricity. Perfect for the home OR work office!!

Get yours here:

Let me know what you think, and what you ended up getting for dear old dad!!


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