Backpacking vs. glampacking: Which are you?!

Most if not all of us have heard of backpacking, and it seems glampacking (AKA Flashpacking) has just recently become a ‘thing’ over the past few years. Packpackers have changed the way a lot of people travel and have really set the standard for ‘off the beaten path’ travel. Glampacking, to me, has followed in the packpacking trend but offers just a bit more ‘luxury’. Below are my top differences between the two. Be sure to comment and let me know which you are 😃


Backpacker: Light packing, a few pairs of shorts/pants, tshirts, undies and socks. Camera & gear. Bar of soap. Plastic bags. Shampoo. Tooth brush, toothpaste and deoderant. Hand sanitizer. Gum. Advil. Mainly very bare necessities.

Glampacking: All of the above but some extra undies and socks, washcloths, towel, perfume, makeup basica, bandaids, pillowcases, twin fitted sheet, shampoo AND conditioner, a couple of extra pairs of sneakers/nicer shoes, laptop/ipad, pretty rfid blocking wallet, slash proof backpack, and anything else to make the experience more comfortable/safe.


Backpacker: This is one of the biggest differences. You’ll find the typical backpacker either in a $20ish per night hostel with 8-9 others or someones couch, or an organic farm.

Glampacker: Glampackers will be found either in a twin room or private hostel ensuite.. OR a boutique hotel. Glampackers typically have a larger budget for living quarters.


Backpacker: Since the backpacker has a smaller bugdet, and are usually younger, you’ll typically find them eating snacks and free to almost free food to meep going. Eat to live, not live to eat.

Glampacking: These travelers are typically a little older with a lottle more income and experience, therefore have a little higher end pallet and will be seen treatimg themselves here and there to a nice breakfast or dinner, while keeping the budget smaller for the rest of the meals.


Backpacker: Once in their destination, most backpackers will use public transportation and explore until they are lost. The true backpacker gets excitement out of being lost in a new city. A backpacker will thrive on getting to know locals and staying away from the more touristy sights.

Glampacker: The glampacker usually knows where they want to go and will usually use either a taxi or take a tour to see the sights and touristy areas. Glampackers know where they want to spend their money and the nicer experiences are usually one of those areas.

So, which are you? Id have to say I started out as a backpacker and I slowly moved up to a glampacker! Either way, no matter how you get there and how you experience it, travel feeds the soul ✈️


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