Top 15 Travel Hacks

There are probably 13,000,000 google results when you search for travel hacks, and to be honest, you have probably heard some of my favorite hacks. But this list is for those who haven’t heard one or two of them, and maybe it will make a difference for them!

  1. Going to the beach? Roll up your bills and stuff them into a chap stick tube
  2. Look into city passes – Especially in Europe. City passes give you access to public transportation for up to however long you chose (usually 24-36 hrs) and offer free entry into many tourist attractions.
  3. International travel – let your bank and CC company know. Nothing like having a denied card in a foreign country!
  4. Roll your clothes instead of folding. Helps prevent wrinkles and offers more room – throw in a dryer sheet for some extra freshness!
  5. Keep instant oatmeal in your bag. Great for a quick and easy breakfst especially if you are trying to keep cost down. Also, if you get yourself a cup of tea at an airport, most places will give you extra hot water. If you are traveling early and don’t have time for food, there you go!
  6. Always scan a copy of your passport AND itinerary and email to yourself AND a loved one that wont be traveling with you.
  7. STEP Program – Smart Traveler enrollment program. Register with the US Embassy closest to where you will be traveling when international. It is a free service and will give you the most up to date safety and security info for your destination, help family and friends get a hold of you in case of an emergency, and offers the most up to date travel risks. An informed traveler is  safe traveler!
  8. Stay hydrated – bring an empty water bottle. Water can be super expensive especially at an airport. If you are doing a longer lay over, most locations will fill it up for free.
  9. Looking to have a drink on your flight? Most people aren’t aware that you CAN bring the mini bottles of liquor on your flight! Although, some flights may not allow consumption, it is best to check with your flight attendant.
  10. Always pack a pen – Keep one or two in your carry on bag (Look out for a carry on bag essential blog!). Helps when filling out papers for customs.
  11. Be sure t have Yelp downloaded. It will offer up to date info on the hot spots in the area, and also show you where the not so touristy places are! Sometimes going off the beaten path can give you the best times!
  12. Use the ATM to get local currency. Usually currency exchange locations have fees much larger than the $3-$4 it costs to take money out.
  13. Carry antibacterial wipes instead of hand sanitizer. That way, you can use them for both your hands and to wipe off surfaces in your immediate vicinity as well.
  14. Be sure to enable private browsing when booking travel. Those hotel sites and airline sites can be tricky, and will sometimes increase a price just because you have already visited the site before! Or, they will increase the price just because of your location!
  15. Last but definitely not least: Take advantage of free layover programs! Most airlines will allow you to extend your layover for up to 7 days, thus giving you two vacations in one! For example, going to Paris? Iceland air will connect in Reykjavik. Why not stay a night or two to explore before heading to your final destinations! I almost ALWAYS do this!!

There you have it! My top 15! Thank you for reading, and keep an eye out for more fun stuff coming up!


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